Vape is an innovation to cigarettes


Vaping is a safer form of smoking than cigarettes. Vape can be helpful in breaking the addiction to cigarettes. Vapes are often preferred by heavy smokers to quit cigarette smoking as they are very harmful and shift to vapes. It is much safer than cigarettes. Due to the emerging insight about vaping, people are now aware and have switched from cigarettes to vaping. Go get yours at

How can vape help you keep up with your health?

Considering the damages cigarette can cause to one’s health, vaping is much more reliable. For cigarette addicts, vaping has proved to be very beneficial. Cigarettes tend to damage one’s health excruciatingly. It has been demonstrated in research that people smoking cigarettes have their life span lessened by 20 to 30 years. It not only damages one’s lungs but causes diabetes, cancer and much more. Hence to be saved from all this, vaping plays a vital part. It not only helps you quit cigarettes but also provides you with an alternate option.

Protect your environment using vape

The superior advantage of vaping is that its smoke does not affect people around you. Unlike cigarettes, it keeps them safe from passive smoking. Another significant benefit is that it can also be used indoors as it does not give off a foul odour and is safe for non-smokers. The environment can also be preserved by using vape as a smoker may smoke, on average, up to 10 cigarettes per day. And a vape lasts for about 5 to 6 days and is refillable as well. Hence using a vape is more economical and keeps your environment safe. Cigarettes don’t have the ability to decompose completely. Even after a year, a used cigarette may not deteriorate. Since cigarettes are not biodegradable, they may seep into rivers and oceans, causing damage to aquatic life. Hence vape is a much better option.

Vaping indoors

Now the time of smoking outside is gone. You can own a vape and simply smoke it indoors. These are not even prohibited at restaurants anymore. As it will not pollute the air or influence people around you. You can even smoke it in your room. It has the tendency to vaporize its vapours rather than contaminate the air quickly. In the case of smoking, it takes about an hour to let its odour get away, and you don’t have to worry about this in the case of vaping.

How much can you vape in a day?

Although vaping is much better compared to cigarettes, you should still keep a check on yourself. You can decide its usage by the amount of your cigarette intake. vape should be smoked an average of about 15-20ml in a day. A heavy smoker may increase its amount by its requirement of smoking. However, no more than 25ml should be smoked in a day. Your intake may also vary according to your type of vape. To conclude, vaping is more beneficial and preserving to your environment.


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