The Differences Between Single and Double Breast Pump


It’s easy to distinguish that a double breast pump allows you to express milk from both breasts at once, while a single breast pump only allows you to express milk from one.

But how do you know which breast pump will best serve your needs? If you are unfamiliar with how to use a breast pump, finding a suitable breast pump model or comparing available options can be a daunting task.

If you’re going to be away from your baby for an extended time, or if you just want to divide up the feeding duties, expressing your milk is one of the best ways to overcome these.

The most challenging aspect of expressing for many women is finding the time or a quiet, private space to do so during the day, especially for working mothers.

How to Choose to Go with a Single Breast Pump or a Dual Breast Pump

We have made it easier for you to decide which type of breast pump is best for you by presenting to you their differences. Continue reading and find out:

Single Breast Pump

Women who only need a breast pump occasionally and are on a tight budget should consider purchasing a single breast pump.

When one breast produces significantly more milk than the other, the engorged side can be quite painful. However, single pumping can help alleviate the pressure and assist in re-establishing a healthy breast-to-body ratio.

The best part about using a single breast pump is that it allows you to feed your baby and express milk from the other breast at the same time.

Double Breast Pump

If you intend to or are required to express milk frequently, a double breast pump is the best possible purchase you can make.

The conventional double pump, which resembles two bottles dangling from a boob tube, maybe the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a double pump. However, this is not the case with some pumps. Double pumps may appear more natural than single pumping.

A double breast pump is more expensive than a single pump, but it is well worth the money because of the time and effort you will save from using it.

When you express from both breasts simultaneously, you can collect twice as much milk in the same amount of time it would take using a single breast pump, halving the amount of time you spend pumping.

Furthermore, some mothers discover that when they express milk from only one breast, the other breast leaks milk, which is both inconvenient and wasteful. When you pump twice, you maximize and double the amount of breast milk you collect for your child.

It is recommended that mothers who are breastfeeding twins or a premature baby use a high-quality electric double pump. In order to tend to your baby’s (or babies) needs more promptly, you can quickly pump milk from both breasts at once.

End Thoughts

Consider purchasing a double pump that can be converted to a single as needed. You can pump from both breasts and store the feed for later, or pump milk from one breast while simultaneously nursing your baby on the other breast.

Now that you know these things about these two types of breast pumps, you can easily decide which one is perfect for you. So, go now and visit your favorite baby store and check out some cool breast pumps.


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