Why Are Rain Shower Heads Popular?


The excitement and smoothness of rainfall are enough to wash away all your tensions and fatigue. Rain shower heads are designed to mimic the feel of a rainy day by providing gentle and smooth vertically down water flow.

These shower heads are also called waterfall and rainfall shower heads. These shower heads usually come up in slim, sleek, circular, rectangular plate designs that are wall or ceiling mounted.

The rainfall shower heads are rapidly making their way into modern-day bathroom interiors because of their completely different feel from other shower heads. These shower heads are not only functional but also provide the most relaxing showering experience than ever.

If you are thinking about remodeling your bathroom fixtures, rainfall shower heads are worth enough to be on your list. Here are some incredible features that these shower heads will provide you;

Smooth and Gentle Water Flow

The rain shower heads are known for their gentle, lightweight, smooth water flow. These heads are designed to provide consistent and precise water supply from all nozzles. The water from these showers is much smoother and more relaxing than the heavy rain.

Relieve the Stress and Fatigue

The rain shower head is highly recommended for hydro-therapeutic applications. This therapy uses water to deal with different mental and physical health issues.

The rain shower heads are available both for cold and warm water. Consistent warm water is used as a body pain reliever, muscle relaxation, and bad joint conditions. However, cold water therapy helps relieve the stress and fatigue of a hectic day.

As mentioned before, rain shower heads are highly recommended for water therapies because of their constant and smooth water flow. These showers provide great comfort and joy from start to finish.

Aesthetic Design

The rain shower heads are designed to fit in uncluttered modern bathroom interiors. These shower heads usually come up in sleek and slender cube or round-shaped perforated plates, which is a unique design to any other shower head.

Water Conservation

The rain shower head uses more water than other head types, but it’s not true. Even though the rain showers give a high volume rain feel, these showers still use much less water than others.

Full Body Coverage

Among all types of shower heads, rainfall provides the highest body coverage. These showers are made from wide plates that are enough to cover light to heavy weight people. The delicate water flow provides even and wide body coverage with its soothing water flow that mimics summer day rain.

Simple Installation

Almost all designs of rain shower heads are very easy to install. These showers have very simple manufacturing, due to which you can install them yourself by getting a bit of help from online videos.


Suppose you are looking for a rain shower head for your bathroom. In that case, Declinko is an amazing website that offers multiple rain shower head options of superior quality and a limited price range. So, take a rainfall shower home and enjoy the cool and relaxing showering.


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