How to wear closure wig even if you have long hair


Buying bundles with closure without knowing how to style your hair is like having tickets to a show you are already in. Already, having hair bundles with closure is a dream come through for any stylist. Depending on the type of closure wig you go with, the stylist already has ideas of the kind of style they want to perform on your head. The three types of closure are the middle, three, and free part. The first two options allow you to design your hair in the middle and three parts, respectively, while the latter ensures you full freedom to style your closure wig however you want. There is, however, one challenge that comes with wearing a closure wig or any type of wig, your hair. Your wig is there to enhance your hair and appearance. But sometimes, your hair can also be a big hindrance to the wig doing its job.

For instance, if you have long hair, you first need to take care of the hair before thinking of any wig installation. For you to have long hair means you have been keeping your hair for an extended period. Therefore, cutting the permanent hair, which you took time and energy to build for a temporary wig, is not exactly a good option for you to take. You will take any option but cutting your hair. Fortunately, there are more options to wear your wig even if your hair is long. This guide will lead you on the steps you can wear your closure wigs, regardless of the length of your hair. If you follow the steps in this guide, your hair length will no longer be a challenge to wearing wigs.

Comb your hair properly

You have long hair does not mean you can not wear a wig. It also does not mean you need to cut your hair. You only need to get that hair out of the way. The best way to do that is to have your hair combed in the best possible way. Comb the hair the way you will normally do when you want to go out with it.

Divide into equal sections on both sides and Braid.

Your hair is long. There is no way you will put a wig on it that way. In a bid to flatten your hair into equal sides. Most people advise that you divide it into two. But if your hair is very long, you may need up to three divisions on both sides. The reason you are dividing the hair is to braid the hair. You want the braids to be as small as possible.

Take hair around your scalp and repeat for each section

If your hair is still long after braiding it. You can take it around your head. All you need to do is take the long hair in a circular motion. While you are taking each hair around your head, ensure none of the braids overlap. That way, it is as flat as possible. After that, you can now wear a wig cap. Remember to ensure all hair enters the cap


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