Hair Bundles: How Many Do You Need to buy?


A single strand of hair or a “bundle of hair” is referred to as a “hair bundle.” Because virgin hair is bundled after being extracted from a donor and stitched onto a weft, the terminology “bundle” is being used to describe it. As a result, it was dubbed a Hair Bundle or a Hair Weave.

A closure is a little headpiece or top component that you may buy ready-to-wear or tailor to fit your needs. For persons who have lost their hair, closures can be fastened to the skin with liquid glue or double-sided tape. These can also be clipped onto hair or sewed into cornrows.

When a customer makes a sew-in consultation, amongst the most popular queries a hairdresser will hear is “How many packs of weave should I get? Should I get 3 bundles with closure? Or 3 bundles with front lace?”

“It depends on just how thick you want it,” is the ideal response. When considering how many woven hair packages you’ll need for your ideal appearance, there are a few factors to consider. It all comes down to what you want to look like.

What things should you consider?

Generally speaking, the greater the width of your strands, the more hair you’ll require. So, for a broader appearance from root to tip, we recommend adding more bundles.

If you truly desire silky straight bundles and would like to achieve a bob, 2 bundles and a clip would enough. Three to four bundles are necessary for really thick hair, however one more bundle would serve if you desire extreme fullness.

Diameter of Your Hair

If your head is larger or smaller than average, you’ll have to change the number of bundles you order. The average length of a woman’s hair in the United States is 22.5″.

Closure Versus Frontal

Closures are usually 4 by 4 inches in diameter, and at least two packets are required to create your closure. Because the frontal spans such a large region of your head, based on the variety and thickness, you’ll need only 2–3 bunches.

How many packages do you need for a complete sew-in with closure?

The results depend on your head’s cut, hairdo, length, shape, and size. However, as previously indicated, the smaller the weft, the thicker the hair, so take that into consideration.

For the main sew-in, you should generally acquire 3 bundles; this is usually the perfect number for your ordinary sew-in.

Using three bundles varying in length from 8 to 18 inches, the weave will be rich, flowing, and lovely. Four bundles may be a good idea if you’re beginning with strands bigger than 20 inches prime.

If your packages are 18 inches or less, 2 bundles will be enough for a sew-in. Because all bundles weigh 3.5 oz, bigger bundles require shorter length wefts. However, for a full sew-in, 3 is advised, although this can vary from 3 to 5 based on desired fullness.


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