The home is not just a piece of a building where you sleep and wake up, it is a place where you put your roots, express yourself, and also seek refuge. That being said, it makes it necessary that decorating such a place like the home is not just about getting any random furniture and throwing them anywhere they fit, it means that serious thoughts and consideration have to go into what gets put where in the home.

Some years ago, baskets might just have sounded like what you need to pack your groceries, store your laundry or produce only. Today, however, the story has changed. The use of hanging baskets has gone beyond functional use, it has also found itself in the world of aesthetic necessities.

Some people however are still confused as to the possibilities of how much a wall basket can add to their home, here are a few options.


1.Sitting room

Want a retro-style home? Put a hanging basket in your sitting room. Not only does it give you a feeling of being in an era a few decades back, but you can also use the baskets as a container for things that you might need.

Also, if you have been thinking of adding some greens to your sitting room to feel a bit closer to nature, the hanging basket may just transform into your plant hanger.

And don’t forget to put a bowl in it you don’t want sand all around the room. You know what? The Macrame plant hanger will do the trick just fine.

2. Bedrooms

Wondering how a hanging basket might fit into your bedroom? You might just get a couple of tips here if you keep reading. The flower planter hanging wicker basket or a rattan wall planter can be your choice to introduce some plants into your bedroom, giving you an additional benefit of cleansing the air in the room naturally.

You might also want to consider a wicker basket for storage in the room while maintaining the style. Going for a more modern look? Try the Nordic metal hanging pots in any of its beautiful colours.

3. Kitchens

There is no reason to think long and hard about how to make good use of a hanging basket in your kitchen while also maintaining beauty. Introducing a hanging basket as your vegetable or herbs storage not only keeps the place tidy, you also have more space to work around with as you have cleared the floor.

The use of baskets is one of the commonest yet great ways to store plates these days. And you can just make it better, use a basket that can be hung on the wall which of course you can get at AliExpress

4. Laundry room

The conventional way to keep your laundry organized while not building up bacteria-causing moisture in it is the use of a basket. That can only mean, a basket is a necessity in your laundry room.

5. Garden and Porch

A place where a hanging basket fits naturally without any questions needed is either the garden or the porch. Not only can they be used as plant hangers, but they also can be your herbs planter.


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