How to clean raw labradorite


Ever since the start of humanity, there have been countless types of crystals that have been found, whether they range from being extremely precious which can end up selling for thousands of dollars, or they are very common crystals. They do not hold any monetary value but are just aesthetically pleasing.

Now, when it comes to crystals, either you are someone who has had decades of experience researching the types of crystals that exist, how to maintain them, how to take care of them, etc., or you are someone who is a complete novice and amateur and have just started researching on the topics and want some further guidance.

When it comes to precious quality crystals, one name that comes to mind is labradorite, specifically raw labradorite, as it can contain excellent properties. It can sell for thousands of dollars. If you are someone who has invested in a couple of pieces of raw labradorite and plan to make pendants, necklaces, or jewelry out of them, then you might have come here searching for ways to maintain and clean natural labradorite.

We will tell you some foolproof methods that can come in handy if you are trying to get rid of dirt from raw labradorite. So, let’s see what these methods are!


One of the first and easiest ways of cleaning raw labradorite or jewelry that has labradorite stones embedded into it is using water. Now, while it may seem very easy to use water and you might be thinking that all you need to do is just plop the labradorite in water and it will do the job, you are thinking wrong because that is not the correct way.

The proper way to go about that is to use distilled water, not tap water, as tap water contains bacteria and chemicals that can interfere with the natural appearance of raw labradorite. Fill a cup or bowl clean with the distilled water, and pour in a few drops of mild dish soap. It must be gentle.

After that, you want to dip the labradorite into the concoction and scrub it extremely gently, making sure that you do not rub too harshly or you can damage the surface severely. This is one of the best methods to clean it.


The following method that we will provide is cleaning labradorite using salt. There are two ways that you can go about this method. The first method is to make a simple mixture of distilled water and salt and make sure that the crystals you are putting in are hard so that they do not get damaged.

The following way to go about this is to use regular salt; make sure to only clean harder labradorite with this method. Place the labradorite in a bowl of common salt and gently shake it, and let it sit for a while. After a while, you will notice that your labradorite is now clean.


So to say, cleaning raw labradorite is tedious work indeed, but if you can follow the proper technique, you can be done with it in no time, and it will allow you to have the cleanest labradorite ever.


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