why would a Pressure Washer turn off when water is turned on


When a pressure washer starts up, the spark plugs and fuel system need to heat up. If you turn on the water and the pressure washer turns off, it could be a number of things. Here are a few possibilities:

  • One possibility is that the cold water shutoff valve in the tank is stuck. This valve controls the great amount of water that flows into the engine when it’s cold. It’s typically located near your gas tank, although it could be anywhere, depending on your model.
  • If your cold water shutoff is stuck, turn off the water to the pressure washer and look for a small o-ring that’s likely to have come loose. Use a pin or needle-nose pliers to gently push in and wiggle it back and forth until it comes out of its groove. Then stick a small bit of electrical tape over the hole to keep it from leaking.
  • The regulator on the pressure washer might be turned off and not connected to the water inlet valve. In this case, there should be a red light on the pressure washer that shows the pressure regulator is connected to the water inlet valve. The safety shutoff valve in the power unit should also show a red light when it’s connected.
  • There’s an air leak in the system between the power unit and hose. A simple test for this problem is to turn off the pressure washer, open up all connections, turn on some faucet water, and see if it starts up. If it doesn’t start up, you’ve got an air leak.

In either case, if you have this problem, you’ll have to replace or repair a faulty part. It may be something as simple as a line that could be clogged with debris or corrosion or as complicated as replacing one of several hoses that makes up your system.

Do Gas Engine Pressure Washers Shut off Unexpectedly?

Gas engine pressure washers are usually quieter than electric ones, so it may be harder to hear if they shut off unexpectedly. These machines are designed to have a lot of power behind them.

The most common problem with gas pressure washers is overheating. When the temperature rises, the internal parts start to wear out. This can happen quickly, or it can happen over a period of time. Eventually, the engine will stop working altogether.

It’s also possible for an air line or an exhaust hose to break. If these parts aren’t repaired or replaced immediately, it could cause the pressure washer to stop working completely.

However, most electric models will shut off if they don’t see water flow through their nozzles, but gas engines don’t have this safety feature. This can cause them to turn on unexpectedly, which can lead to damage or injury to those around them since it’s very difficult for someone else to hear the water running in an enclosed space like a driveway or patio.

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