Why Cat5 Cables Are Good Option for Your Businesses Networking


There comes a time when your business has to choose what kind of internet cables to go with for networking needs. While some cables are expensive or have lower speeds, the category five or Cat5 cables have remained a great option for businesses and homeowners. Despite several other cables emerging after the Cat5, this cable will still serve you right. The Cat5 Cable has four twisted copper wires with an RJ-45 connector to any regular Ethernet jack. Despite the cable being made over two and a half decades ago, it has remained a reliable option for many businesses.

Advantages of the Cat5 cable in business networking

The cat5 cable was the beginning of high-speed internet due to its ability to carry data at 100Mbps. In this article, we’ll tell you why the Cat5 line is still popular, despite being an old cable, and why it might just be what your company is looking for. Let’s begin.

Allows for speedy data transfers

Despite coming into the market in 1995, the Cat5 cable can still help transfer actual data at ideal speed. It is best suited to carry data, video, and telephone signals at relatively high speeds compared to older lines. In addition, the cable can also carry up to four signals at a go. That means you’ll still fast-track your business operations due to reliable transfers and communications.

It is cost-friendly

Another advantage of the Cat5 cables compared to other cables is that it has been and continue to be one of the most affordable cables on the market. It’s the cable to go for if you are on a budget. Besides its affordability, it is easy to install in your home and business premises. While you might need some consultations in technical aspects, the installation doesn’t require an expert to help you, thus saving you from extra costs.

It showcases versatility

The Cat 5 cable comes in two versions; the first is a stranded conductor form used to connect to PCs from a wall socket, whereas the second is a solid conductor that links from a central panel to the wall sockets. Its two forms make the cable versatile as it can be used in any situation and requires little to no help fixing it up.

The cable is reliable

The category five cable is one of the most reliable cables in the market today. Thanks to its ease of use, perfect stability, and durability, you’ll use it for the longest time, provided you maintain it right. With reliability, your business can focus more on what matters most to boost the business survival rate and profits.

Buy your Cat5 cable now

These cables may have been around for many years, but they are worth it. There have been some cable variations, such as Cat5e, which is ten times faster than the conventional Cat5 cable. Your Cat5 cables may not be an ideal choice for large organizations, but if you’re a small business looking to upgrade your network, go for it. You can always check our store for these and other quality cables.


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