Tips to Purchase and Decorate Ottoman Tray


Ottoman is a piece of furniture used for multiple applications, including a coffee table and foot table, to cover extra space, aesthetics, like a bench, etc. Ottoman adds a very comfortable and refreshing touch to any room decoration.

Ottoman in the living room is usually used for a casual dinner or coffee table. So, at this place, you need some serving or decorative trays to make the ottoman more practical and to stable the serving pots.

As the trays are an important element in the decorative theme, you should be picky and innovative while purchasing and decorating these trays.

In this article, we’ll share tips for purchasing and decorating the ottoman trays to make them more functional and chic.

Tips to Purchase Ottoman Trays

If you haven’t bought a tray for an ottoman before, you might not know how to pick a suitable tray from the complex market. So, here are some tips for you to start your browsing!

· Choose the Right Site

The market is jam-packed with the various local and branded ottoman trays but finding the right site is the key to your right pick. To buy the tray for the ottoman, you can visit for high-quality vintage, modern, and custom ottoman trays.

Alibaba offers various trays of different brands on one page, so the customer doesn’t need to search the other websites for variations.

· Choose the Right Size

Usually, the standard size of tray for ottoman is the one that matches with ottoman size. While choosing the tray, measure the size of your ottoman and then pick the tray.

The smaller size is acceptable, but the large one will cause you a lot of hassle. If your ottoman is large-sized, you can buy a set of small-sized ottoman trays and organize them as one. So, it becomes easier for you to use the table.

· Design and Color

Ottoman trays are available in various unique colors and designs, most of which are worth catching. However, you must make the contrast tray and ottoman colors while choosing the design and color.

Choose a design/color that complements the ottoman and your room interior well.

· Material

The material of the ottoman tray is important to consider as it determines the durability and functionality of the tray. Ottoman trays are made of different materials; plastic, wood, and other natural materials.

The choice of material depends on whether you want to use the tray to decorate the serving. The material should be lightweight and washable, while the decorative tray material should be a bit heavier to maintain its stability and durability.

Tips to Decorate Ottoman Trays

While decorating the trays for the ottoman, try to be innovative and classical. These trays can be decorated in multiple ways, and some of them are given below;

  • Use the flower pots and candle for some refreshing and starry-eyed rhythm
  • Use different heights of objects to create a visually striking look
  • Use similar colored or theme objects to create harmony
  • Books with the pots will give you the elegant and classy look
  • Leave the printed tray empty with one heightened central piece
  • Avoid brimming decorative ideas
  • Use only the blended textures and colors


The Ottoman tray is a minor addition to your living room, but it can make or break the feel and décor of the whole room. So, while choosing the tray, make sure to be as classy and elegant as possible.


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