Complete Guidelines about Replacing Brake Calipers


You must have heard that the most reliable part of the braking system is the brake caliper. We hardly have to face any kind of hindrance regarding these. But sometimes because of an issue, we have to replace the brake calipers.

If you are facing such a problem and want to know the complete procedure for replacing brake calipers then no need to worry. We are going to discuss this major and most important part of the braking system in our given article and the entire procedure to replace the brake caliper in easy steps.

Replace Brake Caliper

The entire procedure of replacing a brake caliper consists of two basic steps. The first one is of extracting the existing caliper and the second one includes installing the new caliper.

In some cases, only the caliper has to be changed but sometimes other parts like Pistons, brake pads, etc. are also in need of replacement. So, let’s jump to the guideline of placing brake calipers.

Step 1: Removing Bad Brake Caliper

First of all, you will need a jack stand so that the particular side of the car can be raised to a height. You have to raise the side of the car to such a height that you can work comfortably under it. Then remove the wheel after losing the bolts.

With the help of a ratchet, we have to remove the bolts that connect the caliper to the rotor. It’s time to detach the brake calipers from the pads but it is not the end. As calipers are connected to the brake pads so they also have to be replaced.

We have to pull the brake pads away from the bracket but keep in mind that any kind of leakage should be avoided. Then, remove the brackets also by using a ratchet and these brackets are now of no use.

Step 2: Installing New Brake Caliper

The installation process is somehow difficult as the function of your car depends on it. First of all, you have to buy a brake caliper according to your car model. Remove the bolts from the caliper and use of ratchet to lose it.

Now take the hose of the new brake caliper disc through the intake part and then remove the dirt by cleaning the fluid hose. Fix the holes in the caliper and then secure the caliper’s bracket to the rotor. Fix all the balls and then it’s time to secure the brake pads.

Make sure that the side of the pad that is padded must be next to the rotor and then fix the bolts. Finally, the last step is of bleeding the brake caliper system and this is how the process of replacing the brake caliper works.

To Conclude

We all know that finding out whether the brake caliper is good or not is somehow an easy task but the hectic problem that arises is the replacement of a bad brake caliper. For your assistance, we have discussed everything that you have to know for replacing a bad brake caliper.


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