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Christmas is drawing near, and along with it comes the songs of the season. These historic songs remind us of the past, bring comfort to us in the present, and create a hopeful expectation of the future. Rooted in Scripture, they tell the story of how Jesus came, and how Jesus is coming again. They have the ability to not only tell us about the Savior, but actually help draw us closer to Him. Join us Sundays in December as we create space to let the words of the songs of Christmas not just resound through our rooms, but resonate deep in our hearts.

WEEK ONE: RESOUND HOPE - December 1, 2019 "Resound hope in a despairing world"

WEEK TWO: RESOUND FAITHFULNESS - December 8, 2019 "Resound faithfulness in an unfaithful world"

WEEK THREE: RESOUND JOY - December 15, 2019 "Resound joy in a cynical world"

WEEK FOUR: RESOUND JUSTICE - December 22, 2019 "Resound justice in an unjust world"

CHRISTMAS EVE: RESOUND JESUS - December 24, 2019 "Resound Jesus


Next Sunday the 24th the sermon will be called… "Visioning Thankfulness 2020"


Momentum of Margin KC


9/15/2019       Margin Launch Week
9/22/2019       Time Margin: Reclaim Your Time
9/29/2019       Time Margin: Reorder Your Rhythms
10/6/2019       Time Margin: Restructure Your Priorities
10/13/2019     Time Margin: Rethink Your Productivity
10/20/2019     Money Margin: Trust God Completely
10/27/2019     Money Margin: God Owns It All
11/03/2019     Money Margin: Saving for Harvest and Famine
11/10/2019     Money Margin: The Church Gaining Momentum
11/17/2019     Money Margin: Celebration Sunday



New teaching series beginning August 11!

Title of new series: "FOLLOW"

Jesus spoke the words "Follow Me" to an unlikely group of guys and the world was changed forever. As the disciples responded to the "Follow Me" call of Jesus, they left behind their old way of life and experienced the freedom, grace, love, growth and mission that real life in Jesus offers. This was the story of Jesus' disciples and it can be our story too.

Starting Sunday August 11th, join us for an all new series called "Follow" where we dive into our church's core values through the lens of a character study on the disciples of Jesus.

WEEK ONE: FREEDOM through salvation DISCIPLE: MATTHEW - Matthew 9:9-13

WEEK TWO: GRACE through abiding DISCIPLE: NATHANIEL - John 1:43-51

WEEK THREE: LOVE through authentic community DISCIPLE: JOHN - Various John Passages.

WEEK FOUR: GROWTH through transformation DISCIPLE: THOMAS - John 11:11-16, John 20:24-29

WEEK FIVE: MISSION through purpose DISCIPLE: PETER - John 21:1-25




Summer Series beginning June 16!

Series Title: "Hidden Joy" (A study on Philippians)

June 16 – Joy in Loneliness

June 23 – Joy in Death

June 30 – Joy in Humility

July 7 – Joy in Holiness

July 14 – Joy in Others

July 21 – Joy in the Struggle J

July 28 – Joy in Conflict

August 4 – Joy in Contentment


Easter Series: Sing the Blues Away

Jesus quoted more of Psalms than any other book in the OT, except for Isaiah. Why did he

quote this great book so much? Could it be because Psalms would become the Songbook and

prayer  book for the Church through the centuries? Jesus suffered for us more than we can imagine,

setting us free from thesinofthisworld. Healsolivedandsufferedinmanywayslike we do today, which

would explain why he needed such a resource to pray and sing as he lived out His life. We

will explore how we can sing the blues away as we look at this great prayer book and resource

for worship!

April 21 – My Blues Song
April 28 – My Belong Song
May 5 – My Calm Song
May 12 – Mother's/Women's Day Celebration

May 19 – My Rock Song
May 26 – My Trust Song

June 2 – My Get Along Song


Is anybody in the same boat as I am?  Do you ever have any difficulty understanding and trusting your deepest feelings and controlling those strongest emotions?  I mean, let's be honest, can we really trust our emotions?  And, if I only did what I felt like doing, would that work?  I know this for a fact, the best things for me in life have often been the hardest things to do.  And, if I waited to make those hard choices until I felt like it, it would never get done.  In this series, we will explore our emotions and see how they are connected to our personal growth as well as our spiritual growth.

March 3 – Receiving the Gift of Limits

March 10 – Embracing Grieving and Loss

March 17 – Making Incarnation Your Model for Loving Well

March 24 – Slowing Down to Lead with Integrity

February 3 – Growing Together

February 10 – Looking Beneath the Surface

February 17 – Breaking the Power of the Past

February 24 – Living in Brokenness and Vulnerability



New Years Series

Series:  Living With Margin

Do you ever feel overwhelmed in Life? Say things like, I just cant get it all done!

We get overwhelmed by thinking about our countless activities, choices, work, debt and more!

Did you know that God designed your body to follow a regular cycle of work and rest, and wants you to build margin into your

life which will hellp lower your stress and tension and inccrease your peace of mind?  In this New Years series, we will find out how

living with margin will give us a healthier life, as well as make you and me available to be used and blessed by God.

January 6- Creating Space to Slow the Pace

January 13- Learning to Slow Down

January 20- Secrets to a Productive Life

January 27-  Keeping your Tank Filled



Hope Came_Mini Poster Horizontal.jpg



Christmas Series  "Hope Came"

How does one give thanks when there is an empty chair at the table this year?  Do cancer and caroling go together? Happy Holdiay, how,when one is homeless?  How do I sign Joy to the World when i am filled with hurt and pain from a broken relationship?  How does giving gifts go along with an empty checking account?

Jesus is our hope and wants to be Savior of this world and our world.  He is the only one who can rescue us from the brokeness of this world.  If we allow Jesus to be King of our life, it say we are born int "a living hope!" (1 Peter 1:3)  This series will explore how Jesus, who brings us a living hope, can  help us tackley anything this world might throw our way.

November 4- Hope for Hope  

November 11- Hope Through Pain   

November 18- Hope Through Waiting  

November 25- Hope Through Loss

December 2- Hope Through Worry

December 9- Hope Through Bitterness

December 16- Hope Through the Unthinkable 

December 23- Hope Through Disappointment 

December 30- Hope Through the Future


Ghost Series

When I was a Kid growing up in the church, members would talk about the "Holy Ghost'. HOly ghost, what in the world is that?!  A ghost and one that is holy?!

Most ghosts I've heard stories about are scary.  It wasn't till later I gound out they were talking about God's Spirit, known as the Holy Spirit, which is God's presence.  God's spirit is often defined as ' a helper", "a guide"' and "a comforter". 

In this series we will explore the whol the Holy Spirit is and how He can help us all.


October 14th-  Who is this Ghost?

October 21st- The Guiding Ghost

October 28th- The Comforting Ghost




New Series What Would Jesus Undo

What Would Jesus Undo


We've all heard the question "What would Jesus do", but have you ever wondered what he would undo? The New Testament is filled with Jesus undoing anything that causes separation between God and the people He loves.  This series will explore what Jesus might undo in today's culture.

August 19- Walls

August 26- Greed

September 2- Neglect

September 16- Impotent Religion

September 23- Empty Worship

September 30- Pride

October 7- Condemnation

Added Resource: "What would Jesus undo" by Michael Boggs





 Let's Get Ready to Rumble

Our world is full of battles.  The most recent information puts the United States in 10 official wars and 8 active military battles involving 64 countries and 576 militias and separatist groups. But if  you are a follower of Jesus Christ, you too are in a battle.  A Christian is involved in spiritual warfare!  If we as Christians are victorious in Jesus Christ, why are so many losing their battle?  Maybe they don't even realize there is a war going on  for their very soul.  Ephesians 6:10-20 speaks of a battle suit that can prepare all Christians for any battle they face.  So, lets gear up for victory and see what God's word says about winning our battles!

June 3rd to August 12th 2018

June 3- Let's Get Ready to Rumble

June 10- Why the Rumble?

June 17- Strapping Down Deception

June 24- Defending Fatal Blows

July 1- Footwear for Peace

July 8- Bullet Proof Belief

July 15- Headgear Protection

July 22- Worship Sunday

July 29- Mission Trip Sharing

August 5- Weapon Up

August 12- Position of Possibility


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